Adrian Franzese, Easel. Web app, 2018. http://easel.adrianfranzese.com

I am a communication designer that is interested in creating visual systems, often the outcomes are identities, images, or code. I enjoy working across multiple mediums and forms, such as typography, publication design, and digital experience. My practice is centred around the act of making as a way to better understand broader topics and ideas. Easel is a collaborative drawing tool where the artist and computer work with (or against) each other to produce an illustration. The software encourages the creation of a self-portrait. With this work I wanted to explore our relationship to design and art tools, questioning our preference for ready-made solutions by considering the program itself as part of the ‘design’. Hopefully this way we can open up an exploration of unintentional forms, and consider how an app “not doing what I tell it to” or glitching out can produce valuable results.


Photo credit: Adrian Franzese, Sophia Ireland