Alec Wilson, Uncertainty - Maybe. Series of Poster Designs: Digital Print on Paper, 2018. Series of three images, congruent with one another.

I am a communication designer focusing on identity and social systems. I use visual communication as a way to question everything, especially the symptoms of society that are presented to me. My practice consists of publication design and communication in order to explore society and the ambitions of individuals within it. My project ‘Uncertainty, Maybe’ is a series of posters that depict my struggle within the field of design and my inability to fit in with the societal norms of a design student. Through this project I delve into my uncertainty of the future as well as my naivety of the past and my confusion in the present. ‘Uncertainty, Maybe’ takes an intense topic and breaks it down through use of text and minimal design in order to avoid distraction from the base narrative. I’m uncertain of why I do what I do, but indeed I know I must do something. If we do nothing, creativity dies and if creativity dies so too do we.

Photo credit: Alec Wilson