Ara Koh, In-visible. Interactive / Publication / Print Design: Acrylic film, hand-bound, print on paper, 2018. Prototype

I'm a visual communicator raising voice with the editorial design that aims to visualise the hidden messages behind our daily life that I discovered based on my belief and experiences. My practice captures the details of different perspectives of 'value' to discover what is the true value living in the repetition of ordinary life by exploring the visible and invisible experience of our everyday life, and I do this by use of red film to reveal the invisible imagery conveying both subjective and objective fact 'minimalism' and 'gospel'. Image-making and typographic elements combined with printmaking and publication by experimenting with colour channels, deconstructivism, text as design, and 3-D anaglyphs has applied to keep the intense on my chosen practice.


Photo credit: Ara Koh