Caitie Philpott, Unplug Amp Up. UX and UI design, 2018.

I am a Melbourne based designer and creative with a passion in User Experience (UX) and Motion Graphics Design. I believe that the primary condition for design is recognising a need. Design is not just creating beautiful aesthetics, but it is the creativity needed to solve a problem. It is so important to empathise with the ultimate user and truly understand not what they want, but what they need. As Henry Ford once said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” My project, “Unplug Amp Up” is a website for a campaign that aims to encourage the public, from ages 18-40 to press pause on their streaming service and listen to live music at local concerts and gigs. One play of a song on Spotify yields a payment of $0.006 which is shared among the record label, producers, artists, songwriters and more. This has huge implications on lesser known artists making a living. This website is designed to outline the campaign’s purpose and promote awareness, while also encouraging the public to go out and see live music, and spread the word.


Photo credit: Caitie Philpott