Charmaine Teo, Shadow Shadow. Character design, multi-platform application: Digital print on fabric, resin figurine, ink on paper, 2018.

I'm a multidisciplinary designer, mainly specialising in visual identity and advertising design. My practice is fuelled by a desire to bring joy to people through fun, engaging and unforgettable brand experiences. I use design thinking, prototyping and experimentation as tools to create work that is always human-centric in order to tell a story. My project is a merchandise line based on a group of original illustrated characters, collectively named Shadow Shadow and it aims to bring some form of happiness to our everyday lives. Shadow Shadow is inspired by objects that are often overlooked and disregarded, and I want to give them a stage to shine on. This project demonstrates my commitment to showcasing the under appreciated and serves as a little reminder for everyone to be more thankful for the little things we have.


Photo credit: Charmaine Teo