Ella King, Lune. Branding, Packaging: Paper, wood, calico, brass, beeswax, 2018. Iteration

Hello, I am Ella - a communication designer with a focus on print design, branding and illustration. I’m interested in how design can tell stories. Through carefully crafted visuals and intentional simplicity I aim to create work that engages, evokes a mood and communicates visual narrative. I’m drawn to the materiality of paper and the communicative quality of the printed form; texture, tactility and the experience behind using a tangible object are things I’m interested in as a designer. My project ‘Lune’ is a collection of stationery items designed to bring joy and good fortune into ones daily life. ‘Lune’ is a playful and contemporary reinterpretation of traditional lucky objects, tokens and practises. This project brings together my interests in packaging design, branding and storytelling. My aim was to produce something thoughtful that would bring joy to those who experience it.


Photo credit: Ella King