Emily Poole, Uncover Your Inner Isms. A short film, publication design and photography., 2018.

I am a graphic designer with a focus on art direction and branding. My practice begins with conceptualisation and is lead by an aesthetic unique to each project. Exploring a multidisciplinary approach, I work across various means of expression, such as; photography, film, poetry, music and art. I nurture my designs as they evolve from initial ideation to refined completion. Uncover your inner isms. Can genuine life exist within a contrived environment? As we inspire and uncover truths we also challenge their authenticity. An organised lunch is short film involving the enjoyment of food, wine and conversation inside a curated space. The documentation of natural interactions within a contrived environment forms the essence of this collaborative exploration. The publication builds on this idea of looking beneath the surface to discover what lies within. The pages hold stories and ‘isms’ shared and collected over time. Through design and curation I was able to stimulate reaction and uncover a deeper truth.


Photo credit: Videography - Grace Moore, Photography - Emily Poole