Emma Herbert-Smith, Dancing The Line. Graphic Design for Fashion: Cotton and Wool Felt, 2018.

My interest in both surrealism and popular culture is explored in my practise of graphic design in the genre of fashion. Contemporary music festivals embrace not only popular music but also fashion and art installations as part of the immersive experience. In the current discourse about environment and human impact on the environment, “Chi Wow Wah Town” has an environmental slant contained within the artistic culture of which they are promoting. My focus on the landscape is projected by accentuating the contours of the land which juxtaposes between realism and surrealism. Through the use of varied textures and abstracted line work, I aim to reflect the escapism people feel at festivals where reality and dreaming meet to create a euphoric, uniting experience. The framed imagery is a photographic collage featuring heavy contour lines to draw the viewers attention to the landscape and the figure’s presence within the landscape. All my designs feature musicians who inspire me not only in their musical repertoire but also in their persona. The fusion of their imagery with the landscape is a reference to their music being out of a studio and in an environmental setting.

Photo credit: Emma Herbert-Smith