Jamieson Cosgriff, B.t.s By Jam. Instagram Account: Photographs by Jamieson Cosgriff & via. Pinterest, 2018.

I am a communication designer with a focus on branding identity, event design and styling. I love creating individual concepts and staying at the forefront of the latest trends. I use visual communication to create brand focused events and activations as a way of understanding the power of social media in brand promotion and expansion. My practice sits at the intersection of project/ event management and experimentation, offering a service that will not only create a brands visual identity, but also have the ability to embody their personal style and bring the brand to life through targeted events and activations. My project, B.T.S by Jam, is an Instagram account that focuses on everything that goes on ‘behind the scenes’ in creating a successful event or activation. From the initial mood board to sourcing the fabrics for the table settings, this account will act as a source of inspiration for it’s followers and potential clients. Though individually curated events I will be able to showcase the diverse range of events and activations that are possible, harnessing the essence of the brand and promoting it through a visual media.


Photo credit: Jamieson Cosgriff