Jimmy Fong, Bubble Comm. Branding Identity Design: Paper, 2018. (210mm x 297mm) x 6

I am a visionary designer focusing on branding and identity design. I use visual communications as an analytical tool for exploring and as well as aa way of understanding and working with different multidisciplinary field. My practice consists of communications systems, identity, design thinking, typography and brand experience. In order to explore the issues of brand communications. My project called Bubble Communications which is a branding identity design of a creative agencies that focus in data driven marketing, as so you know, in today’s digital age, the fast growing pace generations has affected by a multiple factors on the internet which meets a high diversify customer behaviour and Bubble Communications core value is here to change that by adapting and changing the way business and brands think and evolve and innovate in this ever changing and competitive age. Hence, Bubble Communications brand positioning and core value is adapt . change . evolve.


Photo credit: Jimmy Fong