Joseph Eddy, Undead Threads. Publication design: Re-purposed book cover and clothing, paper, ink, 2018.

I am a creative strategist specialising in identity and hand craft. I like to observe from other people’s perspective before I create my own. I created the term “copyrighter” as a title to describe everything that I do, with allusion to copywriting and being inspired, or ‘copying’ correctly to create design. I prefer undertaking primary research and experience things for myself as it creates a more immersive, detailed picture of what the client needs. My work has an unpolished aesthetic as I like to draw attention to the message and meaning rather than the design itself. I also favour this look for its ability for experimentation in materials and techniques. This is shown in my use of textile and hand cut elements in my Undead Threads publication and use of plastic in my promotional item. I like to say as much as possible with as little as possible, in both visual and written forms of communication. I value words and wordplay just as much as design itself and know that the two are closely linked in creating good design. I value that moment or revelation when someone smiles to themselves as a result of observing a well-executed idea.


Photo credit: Joseph Eddy