Lachlan Curtin-Corr, Commonwealth Vol. 1. Publication design: Ink and spray paint on paper., 2018. First Edition. In collaboration with Louis Grope.

Obsessed with obscurity and flawed components, my design practice never stays still yet is grounded in reality. Ultimately I strive to create a sustainable space from which more creativity can thrive.  My practice explores the ethereal tactility of culture and its evolution over time. My aim is to create tactile objects and experiences that stick with people for the rest of their lives. I work in the expanded fields of Human centred design; publication design; experience design and artists books, taking a multidisciplinary collaborative approach to create a sustainable and timeless industrial outcome. The objective with Commonwealth is to create an speculative biennial publication that transcends the ink on the paper to amalgamate culture and art in order to share them with other artists, designers and lovers of culture to create its own communal field.


Photo credit: Lachlan Curtin-Corr