Sarah Komatsu, Party Politics. Mobile website exploring political issues through party games.: HTML, CSS, JQuery, 2018. http://sarahkomatsu.com/partypolitics

I’m a multidisciplinary designer with a focus on interaction design and image-making. I use tools ranging from traditional media to code, as a way of translating information into novel experiences centred on stories and ideas with substance. My practice is concerned with people’s changing relationship with technology, particularly as it relates to communication systems, accessibility and participation. ‘Party Politics’ draws on my background in online content to interpret and present complex topics in less conventional web-based formats. It exploits the ubiquitous yet intimate technology of the smartphone to create a tactile reading experience, attempting to engage people in a nuanced topic – in an environment marked by short attention spans and polarized opinions. My approach aligns with that of practitioners like Jacob Heftmann (XXIX) and Nils Öh (POMO), who view websites as more than information repositories: rather, as a medium for contemporary graphic design and that evokes an emotion or reaction. Building on this, I’m interested in exploring how we can design compelling experiences unique to the web, which inspire curiosity about subjects that matter.


Photo credit: Sarah Komatsu