Stephanie Crisp, Sofia's Bar + Restaurant. Identity Design and Menu Design, 2018. https://www.instagram.com/sofiasbarrestaurant/

As a young woman living in Melbourne who has worked in the hospitality industry, I appreciate a great restaurant. I commend restaurants that have a point of difference, a story and use experience design to emphasise great food. The branding for ‘Sofia’s restaurant and bar’ allowed me to explore how a strong design aesthetic can make something as simple as eating into a creative experience. My main aim is to be a part of the process of taking the amazing ‘eatery experiences’ of Melbourne to the outer suburbs. Many young people are forced to move away from the city to afford housing. Bringing these experiences to them will help them feel more connected to the city and encourage tourists to discover more of what Victoria has to offer. Being a communication designer, I enjoy focusing on identity design and brand experience. Visual communication is my way of exploring how we connect with brands, their products and experiences. My practice involves helping brands connect to their desired target audience and exploring how design can be used as a tool to enhance people’s lifestyles.


Photo credit: Stephanie Crisp