Taylor Boram, No Entry Zone. Branding Strategy: Ink on paper, and ink on fabric, 2018.

‘No Entry Zone’ is a sociopolitical driven campaign aimed at raising awareness of the injustices faced by indigenous communities across Australia. As a rebranding of the ‘Stop the Forced Closure of Aboriginal Communities’ movement, this redesign aims to provide visual cohesion to the campaign, and to create a sense of unity amongst those who are passionate about defending the rights of those in need. I'm a cultural curator focusing on identity and sociopolitics, using visual communication as a way of challenging society's values. My personal practice is situated between image-making and speculative design, which I use as a means of conveying my own observations of contemporary society. As an Indigenous Australian, my heritage plays a vital role in my identity and I like to use my design practice as a way of celebrating my culture, while sparking conversation.


Photo credit: Taylor Boram