Xinyi Jia, Eclectica Music Festival Branding. publication desgin, poster design, web design: digital print on paper, digital website, 2018. printed on Bulky News 80gsm, second edition, 21 pages, 14.6 × 14.6 cm

I am a designer working at the intersection of publication design and UI design, working across digital and traditional channels allows me to explore ways of art directing between them. I believe that good design is the product of great patience, a solid understanding of the client’s world, and passion. My practice is focusing on using different methods to create or manipulate images, which is a good way to maintain a creative status and also help me get new ideas for design aspects. Pursuing avant-garde can describe my status now, try to explore the possibilities that each project can show out. My project, Eclectica Music Festival branding includes poster, festival guide and website design. The use of collage and monochrome color highlights the festival’s prestige and the difference with other festivals. Robert Motherwell is a painter, his work has a strong sense of collage with fantasy shapes and color, I referenced his work with Eclectica branding series, exploring what collage can give to this festival in a suitable way. A combination of monochrome , collage and halftone also gives the project a mysterious but also energetic look, suitable for the topic of Eclectica.


Photo credit: Xinyi Jia