Yiyao Su, Colours Of Beijing. publication design: ink on paper, thread, 2018. 189mm x 234mm

I’m a graphic designer and photographer working with images, typography and paper. I explore the relationships between images and texts and how different materials can have their own distinctive style of expression. I experiment with colours, aesthetics and composition as a way of understanding the world and my identity. I’m inspired by cultural works like film, music and literature, but also my daily life. Culture is a common theme in my work. Specifically, my practice includes publications, posters, cover art and other forms of image-making. My project “Colours of Beijing” is a publication that showcases my own perspective of the city, and it’s a way of understanding the visual elements, or more specifically - the colours - of the city. It also explores bilingual design which requires the reader to know both Chinese and English in order to fully understand this work. Readers will gain different perspectives of the book depending on which language they are most familiar with. It’s an experiment of sorts, a project of personal expression and a tribute to my home city.


Photo credit: Yiyao Su