Yujin Ahn, Posthuman Object. Installation: White board frame, a stand (a tripod), a light (a small lamp), 2018.

“My Posthuman Object” compliments my communication design which led me to explore sound waves as abstract forms, giving me a limitless freedom to express myself, therefore, allowing me to create and design my most inner thoughts. This process of understanding and exploring new ideas such as the fourth industrial revolution, social issues, cultural and futuristic human being and identity, is the basis of my work and research. Creating pleasurable visual designs of the posthuman object and the envirosonic language of future music that paints a picture in the posthuman mind. I try to put myself in their position; I want to directly experience their thoughts and ideas. This is the most interesting aspect of communication design for me. My envirosonic was not formed by capturing sounds in closed studios in order to flood the world with ordinary sound-files. This aspect brings me to develop my own distinctive music with the used of techniques that use microphones where we live in ongoing auditory interrelationship with the landscape that keeps changing and establishing.

Photo credit: Yujin Ahn