Handle with Care

Abigail Trewartha
The Confessions of Every Female, Ever.

Publication Design / Interactive: Digitally Printed Card Set & Book, 2019.

According to RMIT University, I am very nearly a qualified designer. What differentiates me from my other talented cohort you ask? Yes, I wear turtle necks, clear glasses and am partial to a bit of Radiohead. You could say that technically, I am a cookie-cutter mould of a designer.
However, my ethics and love of people are what really define me. I have tremendous enthusiasm when it comes to good education and ensuring that minority groups aren’t forgotten. Creating conversation around stigmatised topics, such as puberty and sexuality, can open up conversations and create opportunities for both teaching and learning. My practice aims to spur on these conversations and create a safe and healthy environment to foster questions and delve a little deeper.


Photo credit: Abigail Trewartha. Hand models — Newnest Addakula, Hannah Trewartha