Handle with Care

Anastasia Skliris
Publication Design: Enviro-care paper, 2019.

My practice involves publication design, packaging, branding and graphic design, exploring contemporary layouts, minimalism and art direction through the use of photography and typography. As a designer, I draw from architectural references and the natural environment. Through my practice my aim is to discover various book-making techniques, unconventional layouts, UX design and ways in which we can incorporate simplicity into every piece of design as a culture.

Serenity is a contemporary publication that showcases the tension and connection between the emotions of serenity and melancholy through the strong visuals and articles in issue one. The flip between both emotions captivates the readers mind, as the mood and feeling will shift, almost seamlessly between the two, ultimately showing how they co-exist. Although a light-hearted read, Serenity is something that touches on issues such as anxiety, aiming to spread awareness that it is ok to not be ok, and that there is always going to be light on the other side, even through darkness. There are success stories on people who have overcome anxiety within this magazine, that also speaks on ways of dealing with it, to help others in the same position.


Photo credit: Anastasia Skliris