Handle with Care

Anna Campbell
Publication: Paper, 2019.

My practice investigates and presents the diverse activities and passions of Melbourne’s youth. Through interviewing and photographing the subjects I’ve captured the uniqueness of each individual, presenting them in a collection that aims to uncover the narratives behind their hobbies. Applying my layout design skills, I have created a contemporary publication that encapsulates an ode to the past through the use of film photography. The clean and minimal design I chose juxtaposes with the nostalgic quality of the film emphasising individuality and imperfection, highlighting the personality of the people and their stories. In a world where more and more people are becoming dependent on technology to learn and communicate; Extracurricular acts as a reminder of the importance of investing in other sources for information and encourages getting to know each other more intimately, starting with the basics.  


Photo credit: Anna Campbell