Handle with Care

Audrey Susilo
Kangen Rumah
Brand and Identity: Digital print on fabric. , 2019.

I am a petite graphic designer with a soft spot for branding and digital illustration. Three-quarters of me love digital illustration (especially flat design) and the other quarter adores still life photography. I use illustration as a way to connect myself with my design. 'Simple', 'contemporary', 'out-of-the-box' and 'lovely' are the main adjectives that describe my style of design. My practice consists of digital approaches and interaction with people to problem solved a case and to boost self-confidence within the design. My project 'Karu' or Kangen Rumah is a brand and identity design of a subscription box that aims Indonesian students in Melbourne. The design is mainly focused on the pattern, and branding design.


Photo credit: Audrey Susilo