Handle with Care

Ben Tuariki
Wayfinder Supply Co
Textile print: Screen print on cotton, 2019.

My communication design practice is focused primarily on branding, print design and illustration working with textile and screen printing. I am fascinated with people and how I can translate their ideas and bring them to life in a creative form. I am also interested in how design can tell a story and I've used it in my final project to tell the history of my heritage, culture and upbringing to hopefully inspire similar minds to work towards their goals and pursue their dreams. So I have combined these concepts to develop my own streetwear brand. WAYFINDER Supply Co is a polynesian culture inspired streetwear clothing brand that derives it’s name from my ancestors who were extremely gifted seafarers from the south pacific who used ancient wayfinding skills to find and populate deserted islands in the vastly open pacific ocean. The name holds significant value in my life, it’s a tribute to my polynesian people to push beyond boundaries and empower them to pursue bigger goals and harness their strengths rather than neglecting them in favour of remaining content with mediocrity.


Photo credit: Ben Tuariki