Handle with Care

Bingying Meng
Stress of body
3d Model; Cards: Wire; box, 2019.

I’m a visual artist and a graphic designer. I create images as a way of thinking and expressing myself. My practice consists of illustration, typography, modle and publication design to visualize ideas and respond to the world around me. My project Stress of body is a series of posters designed to help yourself deal with stress. The project contains three parts: the first is a 3D model of a heart, the second is an installation of a series of cards. It is about what kind of flower can help people reduce stress. The third one is an illustration of the natural environment can help people relieve pressure. The three parts are playing different roles with a different visual style. I chose to do this project because my stress during this period has affected my life health to a certain extent and try to find a way to avoid the effects of stress. A healthy body is the foundation of everything. Therefore I tend to transfer my psychological experience through visual aesthetics. These outcomes inspired by the psychological experience, displayed in a dynamic way intended to embody a sense relating to the stress of the body.


Photo credit: Bingying Meng