Handle with Care

Cecilia Jacobs
Natural Matter
Installation: Handmade paper from plant fibres, 2019.

I’m a multi-faceted designer working with process-based design, using a range of media to create unique visual and tactile experiences. I use illustration, printmaking, sculpture and digital methods as a way of exploring nature and the images and materials it offers us. My practice combines visual art and digital design and uses objects from nature to draw attention to the beauty and fragility of our environment. By immersing yourself in works created from natural materials, I want you to be reminded of—and calmed by your place in nature. My project, Natural Matter, is a study into plant material in which I explore different ways plants can be used to create unique visual elements. Inspired by the delicacy of nature, I aim to recreate this through my work. I have also used this work as an opportunity to experiment with paper making and sculpture, pushing the limitations of paper as a material. I would like the work to reflect the process of paper making that I underwent to achieve the final objects.


Photo credit: Cecilia Jacobs