Handle with Care

Chloe Wan Kai Liu
A Window of My Subconscious
Art & Interactive Installation: Digital Print , 2019.

I am a Melbourne and Hong Kong-based visual designer currently focusing on creating publications, packagings and illustrations with a sense of humour and honesty. My practice is often made up of handcrafts and digital tools that enhance the visual experience and readers engagement.

Have you ever had a dream of getting back together with your ex? Or having the same dream over and over again without any reason? Dreams are the window of our subconscious, it fulfils our wishes and repairs our emotions from the damage inflicted by our daily lives. My project aims to explore the relationship between my dreams and subconscious from an abstract perspective. This inspiration came from a year ago when I realised not everyone has the ability to remember dreams vividly. The artwork is composed of seven pieces of illustrations with an interactive installation.

In this work, you are invited to step into the artist's world through a curtain with a moment of contemplation.

Have you ever had any memorable dreams? Share your dreams on the hand-bound notebook with us!

Goodnight and sweet dreams.


Photo credit: Chloe Wan Kai Liu