Handle with Care

Christina Pereira
Publication Design & Illustration: Hand bound publication & Illustrations on acetate, 2019.

Transferring my illustrative practice into different mediums is at the core of my works and interest. Through a self-bound publication of illustrative works and projection, 'Lotus' aims to showcase my practice as an Illustrator transcending images into a variety of forms. To expand on a visual experience through tactility and light. The illustrations aim to explore contemporary tattoo motifs whilst staying true to a personal style; the butterfly as a repeated motif harks back to a cultural context, reinforcing a sense of identity throughout the works. 'Lotus' is an expression of transferable imagery - from the page to the body, it's aim is to serve as a book of tattoo flash, furthering my practice beyond the years of University into tattooing. Varied stock alongside glow in the dark binding encapsulates an eye for detail. Illustrated acetate sheets projected insinuate a collaboration with the viewer and their body, asking them to play a role in the piece, transferring an illustration from 2D to 3D.


Photo credit: Christina Pereira