Handle with Care

Cincel Lin
Publication design & motion type , 2019.

I’m a book designer specialized in typography and book cover design, who enjoys exploring the balance between personal style and corporate branding through visual communication. My practice is situated between publication design and communication in order to explore issues of community, including this project - C/BLUE [reads as See, IT’S BLUE! ]. C/BLUE is a series of art works expressing my love of Klein Blue, including an encyclopedia of blue and a video about experimental motion type design, inspired by Yves Klein’s work. As for the idea of combining Klein Blue and myself in the creative method would credit this to Tingan Ho’s motion type project. Also exhibited in the collection, the publication “Blue Gallery,” is an upgraded version of my 2018 work by the same title. I hope the reader can experience the feeling of diving into this blue gallery, and they may eventually find their own blue.


Photo credit: Cincel Lin