Handle with Care

Constance Xanthos
Packaging and Branding Design, 2019.

I’m a packaging and branding designer that uses visual communication to bring the essence and story of a concept to life. My focus is to create designs that not only visually connect with the audience, but create a memorable experience through the use of materials, textures and finishes.

My project Iremi, is a beach-inspired self-care kit that helps young women to ease and manage their stress. The idea for this project, arose from my challenging experiences of stress and anxiety and my efforts to bring peace and balance into my life. I wanted to create products that were inspired by the healing benefits of the beach as the beach has always been a sacred place for me to clear my mind. My goal is to encourage more people, particularly young women like myself, to incorporate acts of self-care into their daily lives.


Photo credit: Constance Xanthos