Handle with Care

Dominique Lonsdale
The Fall of The House of Usher
Game Design: Vinyl, Acetate, Stock, Ribbon, Paper & Balsa Wood, 2019.

I’m a multi-disciplinary designer focusing on Game Design. My practice consists of graphic design and experience design focusing on handcrafted work intertwined with digitally produced outcomes. Working with various tools of expression to create my designs such as illustration, watercolour, videography & print publication.

Within my practice I create a dichotomy between the gothic and idyllic—the dark and the light, paying homage to Edgar Allen Poe’s unique vision through my own whimsical tone, creating a new way to experience the poem ‘The Fall of The House of Usher’. Through this exploration I aim to translate his narrative into an intriguing interactive experience.

My project is a board game which includes 78 handmade illustrated cards inspired by Victorian literature and my important influences - such as Tim Burton and Emily Brontë. This project is a personal reflection of where I’ve come from as a designer and going through many different phases and influences in my life whilst always retaining my element of childlike wonder which I greatly value. Taking all that I have gained from my course I have aimed at producing a physical outcome that explores the fierce emotion and all-consuming atmosphere that comes from the narrative form.


Photo credit: Dominique Lonsdale