Handle with Care

Eling Chen
Shanghai Waste Sorting
Publication & Packaging Design: Paper, polycell bubble wrap, 2019.

I am a visual communication designer that is passionate about branding, packaging and creative design. I am trying to use design as an analytical tool to communicate the hottest topic in today's society. Figuring how design can create value for a brand or social meaning for particular audiences.

The project ‘waste sorting' is a creative guide book talking to the audience through the practices of publication and packaging design with relevant collections that particularly focus on Shanghai city. the way waste sorting is done in Shanghai; affects the quality of local disposal systems and as a result the environmental awareness and cleanliness in the local surroundings.

As a Chinese designer, I am very willing to design a workable solution for the hottest topic in China at present and aim at improving and educating the populace about proper waste disposal systems.


Photo credit: Eling Chen