Handle with Care

Eliza Williams
Listen with your eyes
Augmented reality vinyl box set: Digital print mounted to black card, digital print on paper, Digital AR art , 2019.

I’m a visual communicator interested in creating engaging and immersive experiences. My work often reimagines retro aesthetics, in order to achieve futuristic design thinking; mixing the past and the future is a reoccurring theme throughout my work. Using a multidisciplinary approach, I work with various tools of expression such as digital illustration, painting, animation and print.

My project Listen with your eyes challenges the conventional experience of music and explores how music on vinyl can be adapted into this digital age. Listen with your eyes is a reimagined version of the album art for Zaireeka by The Flaming Lips. This experimental album consists of 4 discs that are to be played simultaneously to fully experience each song on the album. As well as the reimagined cover my project explores the experimental aspect further through an AR experience. The project questions how we listen to music and investigates music as an immersive journey.


Photo credit: Eliza Williams