Handle with Care

Emily Whinfield
Navigating the Heartland
Wayfinding and signage design, 2019.

As a communication designer, I strive to translate complex information and ideas into a visual and interactive form, through a fluid process of experimentation and iteration. My practice combines human-centered design with traditional techniques, such as illustration and photography, in order to generate an affective link between the user and the information. I focus primarily on promoting connections with the natural environment through holistic learning, linking emotive responses with the mind and physical actions.
My project Navigating the Heartland is an installation and wayfinding system for the entry space of CERES Community Environment Park. The installation includes large shapes inspired by the organisation’s own identity, made from recycled plastic and wood. These carry information on the events and programs offered at CERES. In amongst the shapes are flowers made from wood and rusted metal; these act as signposts with each leaf facing the location indicated. The information is clear and easy to understand for all ages, backgrounds, and abilities, conveying the values and sense of community that is vital to CERES.
Throughout this project I have used human-centered research techniques to create designs that bring people together and introduce them to CERES.


Photo credit: Emily Whinfield