Handle with Care

Emma Finucane 方雅娒
The Body As A Space We Inhabit
Sculpture, Publication Design: Latex, Ballpoint, Piercing Jewellry, Digital Print on acetate and paper., 2019.

An inquiry into self expression through the medium of tattooing has culminated in a collection of artefacts that explores themes of image, permanence and identity. The body as a space we inhabit, reimagines the body as an autonomous vessel for adornment, decoration and modification, visualised through the latex life cast and expanded upon in my publication. The publication explores the reasons behind the desire to permanently mark ones body. Interviewing participants, and creatively directing shoots by Ruby Healey, lent to a collaborative approach to this work, which has always played a significant role in my practice.

I am a research led practitioner interested in the multidisciplinary space between design, visual arts and participatory projects. My previous lines of inquiry have centered around social phenomenons, culture and identity, using a journalistic approach to content development. My works are driven by the desire to deepen my understanding of the world around me, by exploring and showcasing diverse narratives, through a range of experimental mediums. My practice aims to push the boundaries of what is considered conventional design to open up a space to work across multiple creative fields.


Photo credit: Emma Finucane