Handle with Care

Erica Lee
Publication design and poster design: Digital photocopier print on copy paper, 2019.

I am a print-based graphic designer who uses design to explore and shine a light on cultural issues. I believe in the creation of meaningful works that will have an impact on society and those who see it, rather than just for aesthetic purposes. My practice is situated between publication design and social activism, as my work comments on the cultural norms, ideas and habits within our society. I want to create works that are not just beautiful on the surface, but also carry deeper messages and stories. My project ‘CTRL Z’ is a reactionary magazine and poster series against our era of social media and phone obsession, its effects on mental health, social relationships and the relationship with the self. Drawing inspiration from the DIY punk counter-culture of the 60’s, the magazine is printed on the photocopier and uses hand-drawn marks to highlight the issues our generation faces today with ever-evolving social platforms and the need to be digitally connected.


Photo credit: Erica Lee