Handle with Care

Estelle Fleming
Publication Design , 2018 - ongoing .

My name is Estelle. I am a graphic designer who specialises in publication and print design. I am passionate about sustainability, my personal practice focuses heavily around this, and have a keen interest in how the world of design can juxtapose against it. I have a great love for books; not just beautiful design, but beautiful words and photography too. As a “graphic designer” I specialise in publication design, but bring content creation to projects, not just arrangement. Photography and copy-writing are equally as important as the design which I love. I am a minimalist designer, my love for white space and carefully balanced content define my design style. I love that from the outside something can be so simple and pure, while on the inside a complex system of satisfying grids holds everything in place. I have designed a large format magazine, Reduce, which focuses on living a sustainable lifestyle, volume 01, spring 2018 and volume 02, spring 2019. This project has developed into a passion project, calling on my skills in art directing, photography, copy-writing, book binding and design. Reduce reflects my core values and abilities, and, over the year between volumes, my maturing as a designer. 


Photo credit: Estelle Fleming