Handle with Care

Farhana Ismail
You Are Here
Interactive installation : Vinyl decal on mirror, glass jars, card stock, flowers, twine, speaker, music by Smyang Piano, additional audio by Farhana Ismail., 2019.

I am a multidisciplinary designer interested in creating visual poetry inspired by everyday lives and stories. Empathy lies in the centre of my practice, in which I use design as a tool to contemplate our rich internal and external worlds. I aim to create work that brings comfort to others, and evokes safe spaces for vulnerability and healing.

Working at the intersection of Human-Centred Design and Design for Change, my practice is primarily informed by the issues of identity, accessibility and intersectionality. As a concept-driven designer, I explore various means of expression, often layering film photography, lettering, and publication to create dynamic and nuanced outcomes.

'You Are Here' is an interactive installation that examines the idea of finding silence within chaos. Through the motifs of reflection, nature and sound, 'You Are Here' explores the concept of mindfulness, and how design can be used to evoke it. Users are invited to interact with the work and discover a moment of quiet existence in the context of the 2019 Grad Show Exhibition, 'Handle With Care'.


Photo credit: Farhana Ismail