Handle with Care

Grace Hallam
A Soul of Thread
Textile Design: Thread & Jean material, 2019.

I am a big-picture thinker who uses design as a tool to explore the world and its potential, connecting its many dots and expressing this creatively through interactive graphic design and illustration. My practice revolves around the values of co-design and sharing individual stories to form a larger social narrative, creating solutions that everyone can take part and have ownership of.

My design process are founded on these themes because, for me, design is forum from which the fabric of our society and sense of self can become completely rewired. It is a malleable profession that offers us a door into many of the world’s problems and a unique perspective on it all. It can expose the darkest secrets in the most beautiful of constructions and make the oldest of knowledge seem brand new. Its potency in the exploration of multi-faceted dimensions such as identity means never ceases to surprise me and is what I often focus on in my designs.


Photo credit: Grace Hallam