Handle with Care

Hana Wensley
Dynamic Topography, Dynamic Typography
Typeface : Print on acrylic , 2019.

My practice explores the way we read and interact with data, spatial language and typography. Through traditional forms of typography, we can understand and converse. This project works toward an alternate form of typography; dynamic image as type. It explores our connection to the subtleties in environments around us and builds on the traditional communicative tool of map reading.

At its core, this work adapts the natural results of the earth’s mantle force which is generated by heat and pressure. Working with dynamic topographical maps, “Dynamic Topography, Dynamic Typography” traverses and binds the fluctuations and interactions of elevation data, into a contour of visual language. Legible through key, each letter of the alphabet is made up of dynamic topographical movements. The representation of the typeface on acrylic has been formed using heat to give a sense of force, energy and motion.


Photo credit: Hana Wensley