Handle with Care

Ho Yee Amber Tang 邓可仪
The Contemporary Batik Project
Branding/ Packaging Design : White & Coloured Ink on Paper, 2019.

I am a multidisciplinary graphic designer who is passionate about publication and branding design through the use of textile and illustrations. My practice aims to bring unique experiences to people with small publications and branding especially packaging design. My project ‘The Contemporary Batik Project’ is a contemporary jewellery packaging design that is inspired by traditional Malaysian Batik Culture. Malaysian batik is a traditional textile for clothing made from wax and dye, its known for its vivid colours and intricate floral motifs. The most popular motifs are leaves and flowers. Malaysian batik never depicts humans or animals because Islamic norms forbid anthropomorphic and animal images as decoration. This project experiments on how to create a jewellery packaging design for a Malaysian company that incorporates this batik culture, and to experiment on branding techniques that attract young people as well as the elderly by incorporating traditional culture with contemporary design.


Photo credit: Ho Yee Amber Tang