Handle with Care

India Hourihan
Packaging design, 2019.

I am a designer exploring packaging, publication and illustration. My design practice is multifaceted, engaging in physical and digital outcomes, and exploring how visual language can be used to communicate to others. I use visual communication as a way of expression, and my design process is driven by research, experimentation and prototyping which are crucial in exploring possible outcomes. My project is a brand identity and packaging concept for a Taiwanese-inspired drink company, SOTA. After recognising a pattern in the packaging of several bubble tea establishments in Melbourne, SOTA provides a burst of design where design lacks, as well as a more environmentally-friendly concept to that of the commonly seen packaging – bringing the brand’s state of the art mindset in to physicality. Created as more of a lifestyle product, the outcomes are focussed on how the consumer interacts and relates to the product – be it through meeting with friends, posting it on social media or having it as more of an accessory.


Photo credit: India Hourihan