Handle with Care

Isabella MacKirdy
The Flat Patch
Brand identity : Wood, handmade seeded paper, glass , 2019.

Originally, I found situating myself within a community of practice difficult because I never knew how to succinctly respond to the question ‘what do you do?’ However, now that I’m finishing Uni and have pieces to reflect on, I understand how to explain my practice and where its situated.

I am a multidisciplinary communication designer with a focus on illustration, branding, print and human centred design. Although my practice is currently based around these topics, I define myself as a communication designer so my practice isn’t confined and has room to evolve.

I find working with my hands as well as digitally a valuable asset and use these tools to investigate societies need for effective design and communications, whilst examining the connection between language and design. This also allows me to share a part of me and the things I consider important and inspiring through the lens of design. I do this because I’m intrigued by exploring and responding to these needs in an effective yet subtle way.
The Flat Patch focuses on societal needs through a piece that in a small way, responds to a current worldly issue being faced whilst being a vessel to express my interests.


Photo credit: Isabella MacKirdy