Handle with Care

Isobel Fitzpatrick
Saint Esme
Textile Design: Paint on leather, 2019.

I am a multidisciplinary designer, specialising in print and branding.
My attraction to design stems from my obsession with beautiful things, from classically clean type layouts to subverting beauty through the mundane.
My practise involves experimentation and has a strong emphasis on tactility and high quality finishes. I often combine handcrafted assets, like illustration and custom typography with digital elements as part of my visual language. My designs create order from chaos (or, if the occasion demands, chaos from order). I’m constantly experimenting and playing with new techniques within my designs, adapting my skills and learning new techniques.
Fashion is the perfect intersection of design and architecture, what someone wears expresses their personality, attitude and mood. My project Saint Esme pushes this idea of expression by using leather jackets as a sketch book for visceral thoughts and illustrations. Saint Esme draws inspiration from graffiti styles seen around Melbourne, and has an emphasised handcrafted feel through the use of handwriting and painting, along with manual print methods.


Photo credit: Isobel Fitzpatrick