Handle with Care

Jack Terry
Bread to Biogas
Interactive Installation: Mixed media, 2019.

Strategy, insight and delivery of integrated design thinking underpin my practice as a strategy-led graphic designer. Exploring realms of brand identity, advertising design, digital design and strategy; design is perceived as a multifaceted approach used to convey, liberate, facilitate and question. The crafting of immersive brand narratives, the portraying of progressive visual language, and the leveraging of design, (within a holistic approach) across multidisciplinary capacities to tackle perplexing problems, resound within my practice. My interactive installation, explores the process of biogas, a source of innovative renewable energy creation and waste management through the breaking down of organic matter. Situated within the ‘Bread to Biogas’ campaign, an elaborate social design campaign working with two non-for profit social enterprises, Fareshare (Turning surplus food into nutritious meals for those suffering food insecurity) & Ceres (Environmental research and education centre) is translated into a light hearted yet informational exhibition piece. Working to transform surplus bread into energy, powering the classrooms of Ceres, establishing a sustainable long term business model between two community-centred social enterprises, whilst fostering hands on education for future generation of environmental, ecological and waste conscious communities.


Photo credit: Jack Terry