Handle with Care

Jaia Fortuna
The Art History Book of Poornima Ghorpade, 1984
Interactive Publication : Ink on Newspaper , 2019.

I’m a conceptual designer and story-teller, focusing on historical stories within family and culture. By using found objects such as old love letters, family photographs and school books I have developed a formula for creating and exploring deeper, accessible and universal conversations. I am fascinated by the beauty and rawness in the world of photography, capturing fleeting and authentic acts of love and self-love. My work focuses on the blending of food, values and life experiences which have shaped my own values, beliefs and personality.
This time capsule series featuring Poornima Ghorpade’s Art History Book from 1984 displays love letters and other extracts that are culturally and socially relatable. I found inspiration and drive through my mum’s love letters and personal diary entries from her early 20’s that ironically matched my own feelings around love and family that I am currently experiencing.


Photo credit: Photography by Francesco Fortuna on Pentax MZ-50 Photography by Jaia Fortuna on Pentax MZ-50 and Pentax Espio 90MC