Handle with Care

Janet Stayte
Mural Design: Acrylic on Wood, 2019.

I’m a visual storyteller, who cares about conveying the stories of people, communities and brands, through illustration, and typography (both hand-crafted and digital).
My design practise places importance on finding the beautiful and noteworthy qualities within the people I work with and their stories, and discovering how these can be visually communicated with both integrity and visual excellence.

My project is a mural which practises visual storytelling technique, except this time it’s a story of my own; the experience that university has been for me. The goal of this was to be a reflective tool for myself and my peers in this course. It’s been a big experience for all of us, and many of us have had similar experiences, such as comparison in our work, fears about taking a less traditional path in life, and worries about the great ‘What’s Next.’ But most of the time, we don’t talk about these things. So in light of that, I wanted to share what this story has looked like for me, with honesty, humour and integrity. This is what my 13,248 hours of university has been.


Photo credit: Janet Stayte