Handle with Care

Jason Kolenda
"It was the best of times..."

Publication Design, 2019.

Through my practice as a designer and an artist, I explore the connections between traditional image making and contemporary design in the digital age. Through the work I produce I strive to make imagery that sparks a reaction in the viewer, wether it be through line-heavy illustration, bold calligraphy or strong collages. Obscurity and humour are big themes in practice, as seen in my publication project "It was the best of times..." Using a physical publication was a considered choice as it acts as a means to legitimise the unconventional and obscure nature of the project. Modern popular cultures in the digital world rely heavily on the uncontrolled spread of content on various platforms. This publication is an attempt to recreate and reinterpret that same occurrence in the form of print, which is a constant theme in the niche art book community.


Photo credit: Jason Kolenda