Handle with Care

JiaJing Sun 孙佳婧
. 仪式
Experimental video & music : Fabric & Projector, 2019.

I am an interdisciplinary designer focussed on intercultural and speculative design. I use visual communication as a way of exploring social phenomena and use my graphic design as a public platform.

My practice consists of publication design, craft, and installation, to explore folk beliefs. Chinese superstition is a strange existence, and anything can be regarded as the object of worship. My work tests these ideas as social and cultural phenomena, and relates to the ‘collective unconscious’ behaviour as proposed by the Swiss psychiatrist and philosopher Carl Gustav Jung.

These works “Ritual,” “Fortune Teller,” “Incantation Water Treatment” form part of a comprehensive visual experience that explores superstition in Chinese people’s lives through art. The work asks questions and the viewer is free to draw their own conclusions.



Photo credit: JiaJing Sun