Handle with Care

Jie Yee (Alexa) Lo
Ansen Postpartum Skin Care
Packaging Design: ink on paper, glass vessel, 2019.

I am a visual communication designer who is passionate in all forms of design such as illustration, brand identities, publication and photography. My practice focuses on finding the slightest missing gap from surroundings or daily needs in life and create design solutions that engage with it.

Through my design, I like to include elements that are relevant to my background or culture to better express myself and connect. As a creative, I am drawn to leveraging materials, textures to achieve an aesthetic which maximise thes user’s experience with tangibility and purpose.

Ansen is a postpartum skin care brand that uses Traditional Chinese Medicine, the project explores and promotes the way people practice postpartum confinement by designing a product to improve the experience.


Photo credit: Lo Jie Yee (Alexa)