Handle with Care

Jingran Liu
Product design, Packaging design and Illustration, 2019.

I am an innovative illustrator and graphic designer focusing on illustrations and publication design. I use visual communications and digital drawing as an analytical tool. My project PAST TENSE which is focusing on the connection between environmental issues and animal protection. They will be themed patch pins of three extinct animals and two endangered animals, these will correspond to themed cards and brochure. The extinction of species is directly related to the destruction of the natural environment, and human activities are the cause of status quo. My project sits at the intersection of illustrations and publication design. The aim of this project is to let more people know what we have done and what is irreparable and some of those are still have the opportunity to recover. PAST TENSE will use illustrations and decorations instead of words to convey and share my thoughts in a symbolic form. My practice involves trying various ways of expression, illustrations, various techniques, feasibility, and various visual effects.

Photo credit: Jingran Liu